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Public Workshops

The Uinta County Conservation District hosts public outdoor workshops throughout the year on topics such as tree care and soil health.

Check back often on this page or our home page for information on our scheduled workshops.


If you have suggestions for workshop topics please email us! We love public input about conservation topics that are pertinent to citizens of Uinta County.


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Upcoming workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Check back in the near future for more workshop information.

In the meantime, check out our garden and composting resource pages!

Past Workshop Information

Past workshops
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Some good information about composting was presented by Hudson Hill on April 27th! 

Hudson is an extension educator for the University of Wyoming. During the workshop, he referred to the following UW Extension publication on backyard composting in Wyoming!

Screenshot (161).png

In a nutshell:

Start your compost pile with 25:1 brown to green organic matter.
You can add anything that was once alive but is now dead (although meat, bones, and human/dog/cat feces are not recommended).

Your compost pile should invite millions of microbes that, like all pets, need food, water, and exercise! 

Food: organic matter, green and brown.
Water: your pile should be wet enough to feel icky but not stick to your hands.
Exercise: turn/stir your pile once per week!

Your pile should be warm and steamy. It should not stick to your hands or be soaking in water!

You can find more composting resources by following this link to our composting webpage: COMPOSTING

Healthy Soil Workshop

September 7, 2022

Topics discussed:

An introduction to the concepts and practices of soil health and regenerative agriculture.


How cover crops can be used in grazing systems to build soil and increase forage.


Learn what to look for in a healthy soil, and how to measure soil health.

Access PDF files or order copies of these documents by clicking on the title:

Managing Cover Crops Profitably

Building Soils for Better Crops

Colorado River Compact

Lunch Meeting

July 12, 2022

Click the yellow button below to order copies of the

Laypersons Guide to the Colorado River 

and the

Colorado River Basin Map 

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