It is our goal to share as much information as possible with the public about the Colorado River Compacts, continuing drought, and potential impacts to Wyoming.

The water in Uinta County is divided into two separate watersheds by the 'Three Sisters' or the 'Divide'. To the west, the Upper Bear River Watershed is part of the Great Salt Lake Basin Watershed. To the east, the Muddy, Black's Fork, and Henry's Fork Watersheds are part of the Green River Watershed, which is part of the larger Colorado River Basin Watershed.  

Uinta County landowners and producers that divert water off a tributary of the Green River, including but not limited to Henry's Fork, Smith's Fork, and Black's Fork, are affected by the Colorado River Compacts. Residents and recreationists are also impacted.


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A 2016 report prepared by the Wyoming State Engineer's Office.


Gives background information on Wyoming as a Colorado River Basin State, and provides an accurate summary of the Law of the River (not including the 2019 DCPs).

For a deeper understanding of the Law of the River read:

Colorado River publications

Order copies of Colorado River publications discussed in the Colorado River Compacts informational meeting held in Lyman on July 12, 2022:

  • Laypersons Guide to the Colorado River 

  • Colorado River Basin Map



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