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The Uinta County Conservation District offers services to assist you in getting the highest level of productivity from your soils.


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For small garden and lawn soils:


We have basic soil test kits that provide analysis for Soil pH, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. Bring in your soil samples anytime during the year to have them tested.


Simply take a sample where plants are going to be grown, 2-3 inches below the soil surface. Allow the soil to dry for several hours or overnight. Bring them in a plastic bag and we can test it right here. The first sample is free and each additional sample is $5.00. After the analysis we can provide feedback for your soil and plants.

For crops and pastures:

UCCD will help collect samples and ship them to an analytical lab. Pricing depends upon the number of samples and the analytical lab. Upon receiving the results, we can provide feedback and recommendations on your crop and pasture soils.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like your soil tested.



Did you know that you can determine the texture of your soil with a simple at home test?

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