UCCD Check-Out Items

The Uinta County Conservation District has a number of natural resource and conservation education items available for public check-out for use in educational settings.

View the list of items below or call us to see if we have what you need for your next outdoor teaching adventure.

Orienteering Kit

Teach orienteering skills and explore!

  • 13 piece Burton Compass Kit

  • The ABC's of Compass and Map activities

  • MAPS getting from here to there - by Harvey Weiss

  • Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers - by Mary E Garret

Plants Chest

Measure, identify, collect and press as you learn about the plants in Southwest Wyoming.

This kit includes a number of learning guides, books, activity ideas, measurement instruments, tree cookies, a plant press and field equipment for hands-on and outdoor learning. 

Tracks & Scat Kit

Durable, life-like vinyl replicas and molds for hands-on anatomy, identification and tracking lessons.

  • Track replicas for 38 common North American wildlife species

  • Scat replicas for 10 species

  • Track molds for 18 species

  • Identification guides and quiz cards

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Water Chest

Macroinvertebrates (water insects visible to the naked eye) require high levels of dissolved oxygen and are highly sensitive to water pollution, their presence (or lack of) is a good indicator of water quality.

Explore the macroinvertebrates and dissolved oxygen levels in the streams, ponds and lakes near you with the hands on equipment in our water quality kit.

Weather Tools
anemometer 1000.png

Have you ever wondered what causes wind and how wind speed is measured? Uinta County is a great place to learn about wind!

Anemometers are devices used to measure wind. We have information on wind and a cup anemometer that can be used for hands on learning about how wind is measured. We also have a digital anemometer for an accurate reading of the wind speed on our windy Wyoming days. 


We have a variety a books and media materials that can be checked out for educational use. Many of our books are tied into our check-out kits, but can be checked out separately as well. Click the images below to learn more about each specific book.

Field Guides


Beautiful illustrations, interesting facts and kid-friendly activities to help children and adults enjoy the outdoors. Take one on your next nature exploration.


Titles include:

  • Berries, nuts and seeds

  • Birds, nests and eggs

  • Caterpillars, bugs and butterflies 

  • Frogs, toads and turtles 

  • Rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks

  • Rocks, fossils and arrowheads 

  • Seashells, crab and sea stars 

  • Snakes, salamanders and lizards

  • Tracks, scat and signs

  • Tress, leaves and bark

  • Wildflowers, blooms and blossoms

Teacher/Parent/Student Resources
Activity Guides
Children's Books
Wyoming Specific Books
Other natural resource & conservation  items available at the Uinta County Library
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The Uinta County Library received grant funding from UCCD to purchase conservation and natural resource books, DVDs and other materials which can be checked out from any of the three libraries. Click the links to download lists of these materials.

Please contact us to reserve and check-out materials.
Advance reservations will more likely ensure the material is available when you need it.
All material must be returned in good condition within three business days of use.