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The Uinta County Conservation District has tire water tanks available for purchase. 

Tire Water Tanks are used to provide water to cattle, sheep, horses and wildlife in areas where water isn’t readily available. 


These tanks are made from recycled, open-pit haul truck and loader tires which have been cut in half. The tanks are 12 feet in diameter with walls 26-28" high and can hold from 1,300-1,400 gallons of water. When tanks are set at the water source, the inside center should be filled with Sakrete and the area around the tank should be back-filled for stability.  


Tire Water Tanks are virtually indestructible and resist rust, ice, fighting bulls, bullets and wildlife. The durability of tire tanks results in significant time and replacement cost savings for you. UCCD can provide wildlife escape ramps free of charge to install in the tanks.  The tanks are approved to use in NRCS cost share programs and other water development projects available through UCCD. 

UCCD does not profit from the sell of the water tanks but offers them to the public for the price we pay to buy, cut and ship them to Lyman. Buyers must be able to haul them from our Lyman storage location.

For more information or to purchase a tire water tank, call or stop by the UCCD office. 307-787-3070.


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