The Uinta County Conservation District's Natural Resource Specialist is available to help you with rangeland monitoring, soil testing, subdivision reviews, plant and tree identification and much more. Review the information below and contact Grant Redden for more information.  

Grant Redden

Natural Resource Specialist



204 East Sage St.

Lyman WY 82937

Rangeland Monitoring

Data collected through rangeland monitoring is important for:

  • Adaptive management

  • NEPA process & permit renewal on public land

  • Protection of both the agency and the permittee

Monitoring is available through UCCD for both public and private land.

Soil Testing

At any time of the year, you may bring soil samples in to be tested. For small lawn or garden samples, the first sample test is free and each additional test is $5.00.

UCCD can assist you with larger pasture sampling and testing. Contact us for details and pricing.


Subdivision Reviews

By state mandate, UCCD is responsible to provide subdivision reviews and recommendations during the subdivision planning process.



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Tire Water Tanks

UCCD has tire water tanks available for producers to aid in grazing distribution of both livestock and wildlife.


Trail Camera Surveys

As a means of informing land management through increasingly powerful tools, the Trail Camera Program was developed to observe wild and domestic animal activities on the landscape.


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Rangelands App.

The Rangeland Analysis Platform is a free online program which combines on-the-ground data with remote sensing to produce maps and charts which show vegetation characteristics on the landscape. Its data and monitoring cover from 1984 to the present over the United States. This means it can present vegetative data in the western states, making our county easily accessible through the app. The information it provides is a wide lens and meant to be combined with on-the-ground data site-specific knowledge.

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(click image to access https://rangelands.app/)

This is a pdf explanation on how to use the Rangelands App