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The Uinta County Conservation District is responsible for directing conservation programs that aim to conserve the soil, water and vegetative resources within our county.  This is accomplished through conservation programs that promote sustainable use of our natural resources.  Success and advancement of conservation in Uinta County is due to the stewardship of the local landowners and concerned citizens of the county.


We provide technical assistance to land owners, education via public workshops and classroom activities and are also working to keep local watersheds healthy by implementing watershed management plans.


Financial assistance is also available through our grant programs, cost share programs and partnerships with other state and federal agencies.

UCCD receives funding through a mill levy as well as grant funding from state and federal agencies.  The Board of Supervisors recognize their role as elected officials and are diligent in their duties to protect the tax base in Uinta County and strive to be fiscally responsible while still performing at the highest level possible to meet the needs of the Conservation Districts constituents. 


Click the link below for the most current budget.

FY July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 Budget

Budget Message

Specific Goals of UCCD


To be accountable for all public funds and ensure all District programs are carried out in a responsible manner.



To promote community awareness of District activities and programs. 



To educate the public, of all ages, by providing various learning opportunities that instill and foster a strong knowledge and understanding of natural resource stewardship and the importance of agriculture to the citizens of Uinta County.



Offer low-cost seedling trees and shrubs, technical assistance and information to Uinta County Citizens to encourage the establishment of conservation tree plantings such as windbreaks, living snow fences, shelterbelts, erosion control, and wildlife habitat. 


Work to maintain and improve the quality of water in Uinta County through education, technical assistance and promotion of Best Management Practices.


Develop and maintain partnerships with local, state and federal agencies  to encourage  multiple-use of our natural resources.


Provide information, technical and financial assistance for natural resource related projects that  aim to improve natural resource stewardship in Uinta County. 


Improve livestock production, wildlife habitat, recreation and watershed protection while improving and maintaining productivity on rangelands and pasturelands in Uinta County.


To be a leader in natural resource conservation by providing resources, education, technical assistance and information for the development and improvement of our natural resources, to promote and protect agriculture, protect the tax base and promote the health, welfare and safety of Uinta County residents.


The Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) provides leadership for the conservation of Wyoming's soil and water resources, promotes the control of soil erosion, promotes and protects the quality of Wyoming's waters, reduce siltation of stream channels and reservoirs, promote wise use of Wyoming's water, and all other natural resources, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this state through a responsible conservation ethic.

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