The purpose of the Uinta County Conservation District's Tree Program is to offer low-cost seedling trees and shrubs, technical assistance and information to Uinta County Citizens to encourage the establishment of conservation tree plantings such as windbreaks, living snow fences, shelterbelts, erosion control, wildlife habitat and other conservation plantings.

UCCD gets one shipment of pre-ordered seedling trees every spring from a nursery in Colorado. Anyone in the county can order seedlings through UCCD. The order forms are available from Oct-Apr each year. For the largest selection it is best to order early as some species sell out quickly. Trees are usually delivered the last week of April.


UCCD does not order extra trees to sell, so if you want trees in the spring, plan ahead and put in an order.

These trees cannot be resold as living trees (the roots must be severed).  The order form must be completed in full and all information be legible.  Payment must be received before seedlings are ordered.

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Nursery Stock

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The 2022 Seeding Tree order is now available*
(very limited selection)

*Due to circumstances at the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery such as disease, winter kill, pests and other unforeseen circumstances that coincide with live nursery stock, many species are not available this year and many are in very limited quantities.  Order as early as possible to try and secure the species you need.  Unfortunately, because we are not the only nursery customer, even if we get our orders in as soon as we get them, it does not guarantee they will have enough seedlings to fill them.  However, we encourage you to still place your order, if you don’t get what you need we will provide a refund or offer a replacement.   

On the bright side, we still offer things such as weedbarrier, polymer, and diatomaceous earth to assist you in your planting and gardening needs!  We are also trying to work with another nursery to offer more species selection for seedling trees and shrubs.....check back often as we will update here with details as we get them.  

For a list of trees and prices, click here to see the 2021/2022 seeding tree order form.

*last updated December 20, 2021



Plan Before You Plant


A planting plan should be prepared before trees are ordered or planted.  The planting plan will show the proper location for the planting, the best species for your site, spacing between rows, spacing between trees in the row and the correct number of trees and shrubs needed.  The plan will also point out requirements for proper planting to gain initial survival and how to keep trees in a vigorous growing condition. Contact us for planting plan assistance.

Land Preparation and Spacing

The land should be cultivated and fallowed in the fall prior to planting.  Weed control of the planting is very important to maintain tree survival.  Effective windbreaks and living snow fences can be obtained with 1-3  rows of shrubs and trees with proper design and installation. 

Drip Irrigation Systems for Supplemental Water - Protect Your Investment

Supplemental water will be necessary for at least 3-5 years while plants establish.  Installing a drip irrigation system is a highly recommended moisture conservation technique to help ensure optimum plant growth and deep root establishment.  Some of the benefits of using a drip irrigation system include; only a small area of soil near the plant is wetted, very little water is lost to evaporation.  Most importantly, plants aren’t stressed by the too-wet, too-dry cycle of other methods.


Tree Information

For more information see the Colorado State Forest Service Resource page and Buyers Guide:

Wyoming State Forestry Division tree resources: