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Adopt-A-Rancher Classroom Program

The Uinta County Conservation District facilities the Adopt-a-Rancher Classroom Program for Uinta County third grader classrooms to communicate with a local rancher during the school year to learn first-hand the importance of agriculture in their lives and community in a fun, educational way.

Thanks to the generous volunteer efforts of our Adopted Ranchers and their families, this program continues successfully in Uinta County since 2009. 
  • Throughout the school year, students gain valuable knowledge about local agriculture through monthly letters and pictures from the ranch.

  • Students respond by writing letters to the rancher during the school year.

  • On years alternating with the Ag Expo, the adopted rancher hosts a ‘Meet the Rancher Day’ for students to experience the ranch in person.

  • The Uinta County Conservation District oversees this program and is available to assist in any way needed, including covering associated costs.

  • The Conservation District is also available to teach Ag lessons in the classroom in association with this program.

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If you are a Rancher, or a third grade teacher, in Uinta County and are interested in sharing your love for agriculure and ranching with our youth, please contact the Uinta County Conservation District!

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