The Uinta County Conservation District holds an annual Well Water Testing Day in June for anyone with a well in Uinta County. We facilitate this yearly well water testing for county residents by offering a cost-share for the test, ordering and handing out water collection bottles, and shipping the samples to the analytical lab. If you want your well water tested, make sure you register and pay by the deadline, pick up your sampling kit on time, take your water sample on the testing day, and return it to our collection location in Evanston or Lyman. We do not see the results, they are sent straight from the lab to the well owner. 


2021 Well-Water Testing Day

was June 22nd 

Results of your well water test will be mailed or emailed directly to you from the lab. UCCD will not have access to your test results. 

If you have questions about your results, please contact the analytical lab directly.

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Knowing the quality of your private well water is of utmost importance to your family's health.

Private well water should be tested at least once a year, or anytime there is a change in taste, odor, or color. 

If someone in the household is expecting a baby or someone is immunocompromised, this is another critical time to test your well water. 

If you use well water for livestock or irrigation, it is also important to know and understand if your well water is suitable for those uses.


For more information about private wells, septic systems

and online educational opportunities visit The Private Well Class.

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