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Poisonous Plants

There are both native and non-native poisonous plants that affect livestock in Uinta County.

The informational resources linked below are useful for land and livestock owners and managers, and anyone else interested in learning more about specific species and management practices.

If you need help with plant identification please contact us.

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Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States

The USDA Poisonous Plant Research Lab in Logan Utah, staffs a wide variety of scientists who study plants that are poisonous to livestock throughout the world. This publication was printed for livestock owners and others interested in plants that are poisonous to livestock in the Western U.S.


Agricultural Information Bulletin Number 415. 107 pages. Revised in 2011. Published by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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Plants poisonous to livestock in Montana and Wyoming: Considerations for reducing production losses

This is a University of Wyoming Extension Publication along with the USDA and University of Montana Extension. This publication describes signs of poisoning and livestock affected, toxic doses and factors influencing toxicity, and the habitats where these poisonous plants grow in Montana and Wyoming. The publication also describes environmental and management conditions leading to livestock poisoning along with management considerations to prevent or minimize impacts.

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