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The Uinta County Conservation District's Natural Resource Specialist is available to help you with rangeland monitoring, soil testing, subdivision reviews, plant and tree identification and much more. 


Uinta County rancher highlighted

Thank you, Shaun for all you continue to do in Uinta County and throughout Wyoming!

Uinta County rancher, Shaun Sims is highlighted in this short video produced by the Public Lands Council, American Sheep Industry Association, & National Grazing Land Coalition.

"Sims Ranch: Public Lands Ranching and the Legacy of Stewardship"

Shaun Sims served on the Uinta County Conservation District Board of Supervisors for over 20 years.

Upon Shaun's resignation from the UCCD Board in 2021, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Director, Doug Miyamoto, wrote:

"The Board would like to thank you for the service you have provided toward conservation and stewardship efforts in Wyoming. And for serving as the most influential producer/conservationist in Wyoming in a generation."

“The long history of ranching on federal lands across the West is a cornerstone of the culture and traditions that families like Shaun’s honor every day,” said Public Land Council President Mark Roeber. “These lands are where history and tradition meet contemporary economic and societal demands. Ranchers like Shaun and his family make it possible for these landscapes to serve the needs of nature and people, balanced carefully for a long and healthy future.”  


“The American Sheep Industry Association is proud of the Sims family ranch and their leadership in the sheep industry,” said Susan Shultz, American Sheep Industry Association President. “We greatly appreciate them sharing their story with America. Care of the land, the livestock and the wildlife habitat is very evident.”


“Ranchers like Shaun Sims are prime examples of the necessary management of our public lands for the greater benefits to wildlife and society,” said Rob Cook, National Grazing Lands Coalition Chair. “The NatGLC is proud to partner with the Public Lands Council and the American Sheep Industry to tell the land stewards’ story.”

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