The Uinta County Conservation District believes every public land grazing permit should be equipped with the protection that rangeland monitoring provides. We highly encourage a combined effort between UCCD, the managing agency over the public land, and the permit holder toward building a monitoring database that can not only aid current management but also help ensure the persistence of the agricultural industry in Uinta County.

To start the process

of rangeland monitoring on the public lands where you have grazing permits please contact:

Grant Redden

Natural Resource Specialist


204 East Sage St.

Lyman WY 82937

Data collected through rangleland monitoring is important for:

  • Adaptive management

  • NEPA process & permit renewal on public land

  • Protection of both the agency and the permittee

Monitoring is available through UCCD for both public and private land.

Grazing Permit Renewal Information

Grazing permits are renewed through the BLM, not UCCD.

The following links contain infor presented by Brenda Younkin of Y2 Consultants, at a recent Grazing Permit Renewal Workshop. 

Important Information

The background information needed to begin monitoring, along with a basic timetable of events is listed below:

  • Permittees need to have a voluntary interest and commitment to monitoring on their private ground or public allotments.

  • The District along with the permittee or permittees, as would be the case for common allotments, work with the BLM or Forest Service and jointly develop common goals and objectives.

  • Data will also be used in long term vegetation health trends, with transects being read every three to five years and short term or annual use monitoring which is read every year.

  • No monetary expense to the landowners aside from commitment and time.