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October 11 - 6 to 8 pm

Critical Aging Irrigation Infrastructure Assessment

Uinta County Conservation District Office

204 East Sage St., Lyman WY


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The Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO) invites all landowners, irrigators, stakeholders, and interested public to attend a project meeting concerning the assessment of critical aging irrigation infrastructure in the area.

Tuesday October 11, 2022

6-8 pm

Uinta County Conservation District Office

204 East Sage St, Lyman Wy

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Uinta County rancher highlighted

Uinta County rancher, Shaun Sims is highlighted in this short video produced by the Public Lands Council, American Sheep Industry Association, & National Grazing Land Coalition.

"Sims Ranch: Public Lands Ranching and the Legacy of Stewardship"

Shaun Sims served on the Uinta County Conservation District Board of Supervisors for over 20 years.

Upon Shaun's resignation from the UCCD Board in 2021, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Director, Doug Miyamoto, wrote: 

"The Board would like to thank you for the service you have provided toward conservation and stewardship efforts in Wyoming. And for serving as the most influential producer/conservationist in Wyoming in a generation."

Thank you, Shaun for all you continue to do in Uinta County and throughout Wyoming!

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ABC's of Soil Health

Check out this story map about SOIL HEALTH created by the USDA-NRCS. This contains a lot of useful information and resources.

From A to Z soil health is important!

Wyoming Thistle Field Guide

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Physical copies now available!​​

  • 70-page resource which includes keys, descriptions, and photos of native, non-native, and noxious thistles.

  • Physical copies are spiral bound and measure 4” wide and 6.5” tall.

  • Very handy for in the field use! 

  • Compiled by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database lead botanist Bonnie Heidel, along with the Biodiversity Institute, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Forest Service for publication by Wyoming Extension Service.

  • Call or stop by our office for info on obtaining a physical copy of the guide.

  • A PDF of this guide is available online.

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Healthy Soil Workshop

Was held on September 7, 2022

TOPICS discussed included:

  • An introduction to the concepts and practices of soil health and regenerative agriculture.

  • How cover crops can be used in grazing systems to build soil and increase forage.

  • Learn what to look for in a healthy soil, and how to measure soil health.

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Tree Diseases and Insect Pest?

Do you have trees in your yard that seem to have a disease or insect pest problem? 

The Wyoming State Forestry 'Tree Symptom Decoder' is a great resource for identifying the problem and looking for a solution.

Start by correctly identifying your tree. Then look through the list of general signs and symptoms on their website for the best description of the health issues for guidance from reputable resources.

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NEW  Colorado River Compact webpage

Check out our new informational page about the COLORADO RIVER COMPACTS. This new webpage includes resources, links, frequently asked questions, & question submission form.


It is our goal to share accurate information with the public about the Colorado River Compacts, continuing drought, and potential impacts to Wyoming.

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Inside this issue:

  • Cover Crops

  • Ants on my trees

  • Vegetation: How years compare

  • Master Gardeners

  • Summer Education Activities

  • Wyo Gardening Guide